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How can we best manage the environment, given the pressures that threaten its future? How do we design more sustainable practices and use technology effectively while doing so? The BSc (Honours) Environmental Management and Technology is a must for anyone with an interest in this critical subject. Students’ll explore the complexities of the natural and built environments; how our activities influence them both; and how they influence what we do, whether at home, in communities or in organisations. This interdisciplinary degree combines aspects of science, management, technology and social science to help students understand the environmental systems in which we live and work, and how we can improve the way we act within them. They’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage local, national and international environmental problems more sustainably, as well as developing their analytical, design and systems thinking skills.

Welcome to CSO2001! This course introduces learners to three main topics, namely: Linux Operating System, Networking and Robotics. Through a study of this course, learners will be enabled to gain fundamental  and essential knowledge and skills in these three  key areas of computing and information technology.